Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Here comes fall.

WTH happened to summer? I mean, it’s like we just got back to town and blam, the summer is over already? I mean, three months? That’s all we get?

I know, I know… It’s been too long since last I posted, but I tell you, Abe has still been working from home. I thought the idea we moved back to Champaign was so that he’d get out of the house more often and go into the office. Instead, he camps out in front of the computer punching keys and moving paper around like he’s doing things. Inka swears he’s there just to get under my skin. How’m I supposed to write a post if he’s sitting right where I need to be?

Anyway… it’s like September, and that means Inka and I are all up in arms. I mean, she’s got her eyes out for birds flying hither and thither, and I’m like, “You see that squirrel? He’s flicking his tail just to spite me. Munching on a damn nut, for goodness sake.”

We’ve been keeping busy, Inka and I that is. There’s been lots of work done on the house, dudes banging sh*t around and painting crap. I mean walls. They’re not painting crap. Geesh. Of course, Inka heads for the hills, the basement, and hides whilst “the dudes” stomp around. I shiver in the corner. Nothing worse than a hammer sound.

I’ve been staying trim. I gotta hand it to Abe. He keeps thinking that all I do is want to run when actually I’m the one who’s trying to make sure he’s not gaining any weight. I tell you. Humans sometimes.

Anyway… here’s a cat in a tree picture for you.

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