Monday, November 3, 2014

RIP Pearl.


No, I meant "God," in like a monologue-sense. "God," I say, "when is Abe going to get off of the computer?" I mean, he's been sitting in front of it for months. I don't remember him ever doing that before. He's got a "job," whatever that is. He talks about "work" all the time, but he never leaves the apartment long enough for me to get on the computer.

Inka says he's "telecommuting" which is strange that she's started talking like Pearl, because Pearl died. That's my guess. Inka said that she's been "u-than-I-siezed," but since I'm a dog, that word kind of rolls off of me. Like, it's twelve letters long. What do you want?

Anyway, Elle and Abe took Pearl for a walk one day, and she never came back. Pearl, not Elle. It's like, poof. She was gone.

What happened? Well, since we've moved to Evan's town, things have slowed for Pearl. Their walking seemed to take forever. Abe would take her downstairs to go outside, and it would be like 15 minutes later before they'd return.

"She's really snail paced," he'd say in front of her. Geez, Abe. She's got ears, man. She can't hear well, but still.

"I'm getting slow," Pearl told me a couple months ago. "And I have to pee. All. The. Time."

Well, I heard Abe and Elle talking one night when Pearl was her sleepy knocked out self, that her "kid's knees" were going bad. Now what a kid's knees and peeing have to do with each other, I have no idea. But apparently, it wasn't good.

One day, Abe made roast beef overnight. WHO DOESN'T LIKE ROAST BEEF?!?! I thought.

Pearl seemed to know something more. "Oh no," she said. "Not the roast beef."

"What do you mean? What's wrong with the roast beef?" It smelled fine.

"You didn't know Carmen." Then, she sort of looked up at Abe.
The weekend before Pearl disappeared, I mean, kicked the bucket, Abe, Elle, and Pearl went for a walk. I know this mostly because Pearl smelled like grass and trees when she got back, and I've since found this photo of her.
There's a part of me that thinks she'll come back one day. That I'll get to sniff her butt once more. Come on... it's a dog thing. Settle down.

Anyway... I miss her.

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