Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Has it been that long?

Man, it's been a year already? How is that possible? Inka's been around this place a whole 12 months. That's amazing. I remember how mad Abe used to get with her and Pearl in their "it's all so new" phase.

Now, would you look at this?
"Face bump!"
Pearl says she was just sniffing something off Inka's face, but I know love when I see it. OK, maybe that's being overly optimistic. Inka was just marking her territory. I guess it's better than had I marked Pearl as my territory. I think Abe would be made at me instead!

Inka stealing heat from Abe's lap.
Of course, I'm in the dog house this time. Yep. I done bad. I got my nail caught in something. I mean, who knew I was so fragile? Apparently Elle and Abe didn't appreciate me dripping blood all over the house. I had to go get taped up. It's been three weeks and finally Abe's letting me play outside. Can you imagine walking around with a plastic bag on your leg to go outside? Pearl was laughing at me the whole time. B$%&h!

Bum leg.
Anyway... I guess if Inka's been here a year, I've been here three. Can't believe it's been that long!
Friends forever!