Monday, November 11, 2013


If only Abe would follow the lines. I mean seriously, did he ever color in primary school? Gee-sus.
I'm not nervous or anything.
Abe and I ran in my first 5k. Actually, it was only 2.6 miles. So something like 4.1k. He took a wrong turn which disqualified us from the race. Dumbass. Honestly, couldn't he see the arrow pointing us THAT WAY ---->!!! Instead he was so focused on the dude in front of him that he totally ignored my pulling and tugging him in the other direction. The man is a doofus.
We coulda won it all!
Alas... we were kicked out. Escorted off the course like some sort of common criminal. Once they called the cops, we made a run for the car. Oh well. Next up, the Polar Paws 5k. I'll be official yet!

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