Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Well, geez. Can I get a treat? I mean, gee-sus. What does it take to get a little love? Who's the awesome dog? Who sits when you tell Pearl to? Who comes when Inka doesn't? I mean, I'm an overachiever. The least you could do is throw me a bone here.
I've heard Abe grumbling about "progress" being made. "I want to see some measurable progress made by the end of this week or the cat is gone," he said. You could hear the italics, whatever those are, in his words. I mean, he actually believes that? Hehe... Oh man, he is a dumbass. Like Elle would really allow him to take Inka back? Where is that boy from?

If he's looking for progress, he need look no further than this:
Granted, Pearl's eyes look pretty psycho and yeah, Inka is crouched down low and thinking about pouncing on that crate. She did that a few minutes after this photo was taken. Either Pearl was blinded by the flash or Inka blended into the brown couch behind her, but Pearl let her alone. Didn't bark much or anything. Sure, maybe she lunged once or twice, but that's better than nothing.

There you go, Abe. There's your progress if you really needed it. Pshaw... I've heard how he giggles ridiculously whenever Inka licks his earlobes and how he loses all reason when he gets on the floor and rolls around with her. Yeah, we used to do that too, I tell her. It doesn't last.

That's not entirely true. Abe and me get along just fine. Yes, Pearl. Better than fine. I'm just cranky, doing all the things good dogs do while Pearl gets like a million cookies for barking at Inka. Man.

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