Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pearl ate Inka.

Has Inka disappeared? Pearl's been acting all guilty. Here she is at the door to Inka's room looking all ashamed.

"What did you do?" I asked her.

"Nothin," she replied.

Well, things have been silent now for a couple of days. Did Abe finally act on the "measurable progress" comment? Did Pearl eat the cat? That's just wrong.

Not only that, but there's been this "odor," shall we say, from Inka's room.

Wait... the phone is ringing. It's the vet. Ah. There we go. Pearl says Inka's fine. Nothing wrong. So that odor?

Abe's complaining again. "She's ruining the house!"

Oh it's one of those situations. I remember those days. You're in a new place. Not sure where you're supposed to go. Ha ha ha! Boy, were Abe and Elle mad when I used the basement as my going space! Tee hee!

It turns out they've been checking out Inka to make sure she's OK, but of course she's fine. Whew... dodged a bullet there.

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