Friday, February 8, 2013

Something wicked.

Now I know I'm not supposed to think this, but strange things have been happening since whatever is in the guest room arrived. It is a "guest," right? Like, it's not staying. For sure.

So like I said, the day IT arrived weird things started happening. Case in point. In the garage, Elle just got back from somewhere or something and BAM!

"Abe!" she yells.

"What?" he yells back. "What happened?"

"A spring sprung on the garage door," she said. "I mean, what's the luck in that?"

"Huh," Abe said.
He went back to whatever it was he was doing. Probably sitting there drinking coffee or reading the paper while Elle was doing all the work or something.

Then yesterday in the backyard this happened.
It's like a pigeon blew up. WOOSH!

Then Pearl found this.
What is this, and why is it in the office? That's my turf, yo!

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