Monday, February 4, 2013

Inka what?

What are these smells emanating from the room down the hall? I can't figure it out. Can't barely smell it myself. I know there's SOMETHING making noises down there. With ears like mine, I can hear that. Why have Abe and Elle put up the gate? I mean, they never put that at the mouth of the hallway.

Pearl says she smells something. She's a hound so I kinda believe what she says. She's always sniffing out trouble in the backyard like when a raccoon or opossum was there. I remember when the fox was in the neighborhood and she went ape-shit crazy, pardon my French, over that.

Elle said something about Inca, and I swear they weren't planning another trip to Peru because I know Abe talks about how he met some dude named Montezuma there and wouldn't like to meet him again.


Pearl was able to smuggle this photo off of Abe's phone.
God, he's the worst photographer. Ever. Can't tell really what the heck this is. A feather? Honestly, who takes this photo and doesn't delete it immediately?

Anyway, what's afoot?

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