Saturday, February 23, 2013

Er, domestic tranquility.

Well, everything's wonderful. It's grand. Not a worry in the world. All five of us happy as can be. Pearl's dancing through a field of tulips. Abe's not hearing any whining or meowing of any sort. Nope. None whatsoever. It's like he's got cotton in his ears or something. Yep. We're just fine.
Oops. Where did that come from. No really. Everything's grand. Nothing's wrong. Right? Nada del mundo!
Crap. Fine. You've got me. Things are, well, challenging. That's how Elle puts it. Abe says it's *bleeped* up. Elle has always been the more diplomatic of the two, Pearl says. I've only been around these guys for two years so how would I know?

They missed my birthday the other day, by the way, but who's caring? It's not like a cat joins the family and oops, let's just forget to celebrate a milestone. You know, I'm only gonna get like 10 or 12 more of those. You know. Not important at all.

Anyway, me and Inka are buds. See?
Here we are chilling. Watching the snow melt. Well, not really. I've got my eye on that squirrel over there, and Inka's checking out the birds in the bushes. But yeah, we're good like that.

Pearl... well. She's not happy. But you know? How can you not be with this?
She gets to sit on the couch? What am I, chopped liver? But can you blame Abe and Elle? Would ya just look at them eyes?

Anyway. I'm mad at Pearl for being mad at Inka. I feel torn. Which girl am I gonna like more?

Here's a parting thought.

Oh, wait, you don't speak dog? It's "Get me the *bleep* outta here!"

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