Sunday, January 27, 2013


I don't know who Kat is, but man, Abe and Elle are going on and on about this woman. I mean, geesh. Obsessive much?

Wait a minute.

Pearl says they don't mean Kat. They mean "cat."

I think it would be cool. Are they smaller versions of me? But Pearl might not care for a "cat." Whatevs. She'll get over it, right? I mean, yeah, she doesn't like Bailey and Fuji, but they are bigger. Right? "Cats" are small and stealthy. That's kinda Pearl like. Well, maybe not the small bit.

Wait, I heard Abe chatting with Elle about going to the "shelter" just to look. Is that the place they got me from? IDK. They were nice there for sure.

Anyhoo. We'll see.

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