Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Good, God! Will that man ever get off the computer? I mean, seriously. My audience has been waiting desperately for news these last two months, and yet, Abe sits in front of that CPU thingy like it's the most important thing in life. Some business about a novel or something. How quaint.

Man, my dew claws have been itching to let you all know the big news. I mean, this is huge. Gigantic. ENORMOUS! Like, so freaking big, I'm not sure the font size can handle it.


Yeah, see... that's as big as it gets. Seriously? Like, that's as large a font as I've got for such ENORMOUS news? I feel jipped. Cheated, even.

Well, I guess the world wide web, which I thought was some sort of spider butt disease by the way, is really only so big.

So, the news. Right. Well. I mean, I think it's big news, but Pearl doesn't think it's all that interesting. 

Oh yeah, she's getting older, by the way. Yep, the doctor says so. She's got cataracts. Uh huh, don't have a clue what that is, but it sounds like some sort of burning career. Maybe like a welder? *Shrug. I don't know. Anywho, she'll just see things a little blurry.

See... we went to the park the other day and saw these kids. At least, this is what I saw:
I know, cute right? This is what Pearl saw.
Blobs. Yeah... well... I mean, they're kinda the same. But, she's still happy to see `em nonetheless.

OK, so that BIG, wait BIG news I was supposed to tell you. Sorry. Forgot.

Summer's ended. Fall's begun. No one has explained to me why that is.
Me looking all Sepia.