Monday, July 16, 2012

Dog days.

What a weekend. I just can't believe it's over! Woo hoo! I mean total awesomeness. It's like, the best weekend ever. I can't even describe how awesome pants it was. Wait a minute... Pearl's looking over my shoulder wondering where the hell I think I was this weekend.

See... that just it. Abe and Elle were pretty darn lazy-butts this weekend. Going on long runs without me. Going to a party without me. Heck, they even when to a Mexican restaurant... without... me.

Man. Where is the love, people?

Well, OK. Abe did take me to the faux dog park where I played with a bunch of other dogs. But then Abe and Elle took Pearl out alone. Without me. I mean, what's up with that? Hello! We travel in packs for a reason! There is a fox in the neighborhood lest we forget.

Maybe this is what they call the dog days of summer. That's what Pearl called it just before we laid down in the backyard, sunbathing. I don't know.

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