Sunday, June 3, 2012

Free at last!

I am free at last!
Geez! What the heck was that all about? I've been locked up for two weeks and no one comes to check in on me? Sure, Elle and Abe called it the "spa," but Pearl and I know what that really means. We were boarded.

Sure, I heard Abe saying they were going to "board a plane" in the run up to my "spa visit," but I thought he was doing a little woodworking or something on the side. You know, like building Pearl and me a doghouse in the back yard or something. Dead wrong I was. Man, could I have been any further off on that one?

Well, we were locked up for two weeks. Granted, it wasn't bad. We were fed, played with, pampered even. We got baths and treats and things. For sure, it could have been nicer, no offense, with maybe trips to the zoo or maybe the dog park at the very least, but at least it wasn't at the shelter. I mean, really, they aren't that different, I guess, the shelter and the spa. I mean, you get fed and bathed at both. Of course, at the former, you're homeless, and at the latter you're, well, home-without. I don't know.

Anyway, we're back! Aww yeah! You know it, yo! Like, we're the shizzle now! Getting extra treats. Abe giving us rawhides when Elle isn't looking. Letting us laze about the living room while they're working on "social networking" whatever the heck that is.

So, I heard Abe talking about this trip they went on, and of course, when Abe and Elle were out grocery shopping or something, Pearl and I hacked Abe's computer. It's really easy to do, especially when his password is XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

What the hell? It's like all black and stuff. Pearl, what's going on?

Hmm... let me try that again. ABE'S PASSWORD IS XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Grrr.

Ok, so this is getting annoying. Like, Abe really likes this circular food item that starts with a P... um, circular item with like... sause and tchiise. Ha. Bet you can't figure that one out.

Hacked, that's what we did. Abe's computer, and now I see what they've been up to. Travel. They were taking photos of buildings. Like this one.

And, this one.

I'm not really clear on the why of this. I don't know, taking pictures of other people's houses is kind of rude, I think. I mean, how would Abe like it if some dude walking by the house snapped a photo. Yeah, I know, right? Creepy.

But then there were also these photos.

Is this guy actually wearing a shirt? And, pink at that? 

Hi there, little guys!
Weird? Maybe. I don't know. It's kind of voyeuristic. I mean, taking photos of other people's dogs? But wherever they went, apparently, dogs were everywhere. Look here! This one was in a restaurant.
"Yes, can I get a table for two, please?"
Actually on the inside. Not even on a patio or beer garden. Then there was another one, on the metro. That's what Pearl said she heard Elle saying. Not sure what the Metro is. Sounds kind of fashionable, but whatever. Dogs were there.

Well, I'm not sure where Abe and Elle ended up "boarding" for two weeks, but maybe, just maybe, they were thinking about Pearl and me while they were gone.