Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is Pearl.

I mean, speaking. Yes, I have hijacked this blo0g po0st because I've been hearing Abe and Elle talking. They are saying things like "travel" and "o0ut of to0wn." And, we all kno0w what that means. Yo0u have been visiting this blo0g fo0r a year no0w. Yes, I kno0w this. Who0 do0 yo0u think do0es all of the website analytics stuff? I am smarter than Abe, Elle, and Jack-o0 think. Yes, that is what I call him. He hates it.

O0h. So0, we have never met formally. Yes, Jack-o0 has mentio0ned me, tho0ugh he has been too0 stingy too0 let my dew claws type. He thinks because he needs his space that I sho0uld no0t "co0ntribute." Well, I will shoow him.

See, here. Let us see Jack-o0 do0 this? See! Running next to0 a bike. We have no0t seen yo0u do0 this, Jack-o0!
Me, do0ing so0mething Jack-o0 has no0t.
(Pho0to0 co0urtesy o0f  xAdam Darin)
Where was I? Travel, right. Apparently, Elle will be traveling soo0n FO0R FIVE DAYS, and that do0esn't bo0de well. Jack-o0 is go0ing to0 flip. Like, he is go0ing o0ff the reservatio0n, I think. Yo0u may remember the last time he did that. Can we say doo0r trim?
He is needy, and no0thing against Abe o0r anything, but he is no0t cut o0ut for do0uble do0g duty. If I co0uld rub my paws to0gether menacingly, I wo0uld. The S*&^ is go0ing to0 hit the fan. Elle will regret this trip. Mark my wo0rds.

P.S. What? So0 my paws are large and clumsy. That is why there is an "0" after each o0 I type.

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