Thursday, March 8, 2012

Agility continued.

Well, Abe returned in the end. Sorry I left you hanging there, but he came back and left the next week again. Pearl mentioned she heard Abe and Elle talking about "conferences." I gather they meant jabbering, which as we all know Abe loves to do. So, there you have it. All solved.

While Abe was away, I've been getting really good with this agility thing. Elle has been taking me to "sub-basic par excelled agility training" or something like that.  I seriously don't know what its called because, honestly, it's too complicated. Stringing three words together in a title is all I can handle. What do you want from me? I'm a dog.

Anyway, here's me in action:

Me listening intently to the instructor.*
Hoop, there it is.*
And you want me to go down this?*
Airborne, aww yeah!*
Seriously, this is old hat, but Elle seems to think I need the practice lest I forget I knocked over the steeple last summer. Really, can't we just move on from that embarrassing episode already?
Yes, I know, I knocked over the stupid thing.
Oh great. Pearl posted this pic. Thanks. Yes, laugh it up. As you can tell, I've gained some skill since then. Aww, well. I guess I'll let Elle "train" me to jump. Seriously, isn't that like an innate skill?  Everyone can jump, right?

Oops. Pearl just gave me a look.

*Photos (save the last) are courtesy of Meghan Ashlee Photography.

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