Tuesday, February 14, 2012

An open letter to the Champaign County Humane Society.

Dear Champaign County Humane Society,

It’s hard to believe that nearly a year has gone by since I last saw you. I was named Evan then, and I was feeling your love even though I might not have shown it. You gave me shelter when others wouldn’t, and you gave me grub when I would eat. I know I might not have devoured my food, but can you blame me? I was sad and lonely. Even though you were there for me, I just couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t have a forever home. You gave me love, and I appreciate that. I do. Yet, our love was only temporary.

I’m writing today to tell you that I’ve found another. I know it’s no surprise. You haven’t seen me in so long, and you were probably wondering what happened to me. It didn’t take long to replace you. I probably shouldn’t tell you that. You were my first, after all. What we had was special. It meant something. It did. However, this new love has things you couldn’t offer like a backyard, trips to the dog park, long afternoons in winter sunshine in a nice warm bed. I get treats and walks and, hey, did I mention footballs and stairs that go to a place called the “basement?” Oh, how things have changed.

Still... there will always be what we had. Right? I will always remember you.

Jackaroo (a.k.a. Evan)

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