Monday, January 2, 2012

No sleep till Brooklyn.

I've been hearing some grumblings about Santa and his not bringing another female into the house. At least that's what I heard Abe jabbering on about the other day when Elle wasn't around. She was out with me running, doing our Meadowbrook shuffle, as I like to call it. Pearl said she heard Abe say that he wanted another dog. It's not like two aren't enough. I mean, it's not like the old guy doesn't have his hands full with me and Pearl. Boy, was my 100% on all the time personality a surprise to him. Hehe!

In any case, Pearl said something about Brooklyn. I immediately thought of the Beastie Boy's No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Can you blame me really?

"Rocking this party eight days a week!" See, they can't even count. Clearly, their dew claws have been fouled somehow.

Wait a minute. Pearl says I've got it wrong. That Brooklyn is another dog. Really? Weird, because I thought it was a borough, whatever that is. What a weird word, borough is.

Stop confusing me, Pearl!

Anyway, it seems that Abe and Elle went to go see Brooklyn. Apparently, she's a dog. Whew. Cuz I was wondering how they were going to get Brooklyn the borough in the house. Seems like a lot of people, know what I'm saying.

OK, OK, Brooklyn is a dog, and if I were to judge dogs solely on appearances, she's probably the best dog out there. Why? She looks like me. Well, maybe not completely like me, but we do share a pink nose, and where her eyes are different colors, (mine are brownish and hers are black and blue), mine are kind of the same. She's got similar patterns too. She's young-ish. The shelter says she's 10 months old.
This is Brooklyn.
Apparently, Abe prefers to call her Brookline over Brooklyn.  He likes Boston, I guess.
For those of you interested in Brookline, or Brooklyn, visit the Champaign County Humane Society. I hope Brookline, Brooklyn, finds a home soon. I just can't let someone who looks so much like me go without a home. It's like, weird.

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