Monday, January 16, 2012

It's about civil rights.

Man, am I POed. I'm chomping at the rawhide here, people, and I'm not going to take this sitting pretty. There has been outright racism. And, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at that! I don't know who this Martin Luther is, something about a thesis and pinning it to a door. Why anyone would turn in their homework by tacking it to a church is beyond me. Don't you usually hand it into a teacher?

Oh, no. Wait a minute. Pearl tells me that it's the King Jr. part that's the most important bit. You see, apparently this guy was a great champion of civil rights. We have him, in part, to thank for Abe and Elle getting today off. I was beginning to wonder if they'd lost their jobs or something, and they didn't have the heart to tell us. It means it's more than just a rest day. It also explains more why it relates to racism, because I had no idea why tacking homework to a church had anything to do with that.

Anyway, why am I mad? Read this article. It seems that the "Academy," (which sounds kind of schoolish to me, so again you can see why I confused it with the Martin Luther part) doesn't give animals their due. It seems that this year animals are all over the movies. From Uggie the dog to Joey the horse.  And none of them qualify for Best Actor.

Us animals work hard to entertain you. There's injustice in this world, I know, from North Koreans torturing puppies to helping others in need, but this one takes the dog biscuit.

Pearl says I sound snarky, but I did warn you that I'm a little ticked off. Wouldn't you be?  Sure, there are far worse things to get all up-in-paws about than the movie industry failing to recognize the contributions of your four-legged friends.  But, we do the lion's share of the work sometimes.  Really, you think this guy likes having his tail tugged on so you'll know it's MGM?

Yeah, I didn't think so. Well, all this thinking about stuff has made me kind of sad. You know, blue. Kind of like Picasso's The Old Guitarist. There is nothing fake about the sadness in this piece. How the guitarist looks dead almost and blind even.
I may look sad, but damn, I'm mad.
I know, it's sad.  There's no acting there.  It's not nearly as bad as losing MLK, Jr., giving your life to a cause, working toward making the world a better place for everyone.

Well, I've come off the ledge, Pearl says. I guess I have. I just wish sometimes the world were nicer. Like the look on Abe's face when I greet him in the morning with my tail wagging and my two legged hop.  Or, maybe when Elle gets all excited when I know the difference between my right and left paw. Seriously, they're easily entertained. But, I do it to make the world better, I guess, if only a small part of it.

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