Friday, December 9, 2011

Some dude with a beard.

I'm not exactly sure why Elle thought it was a good idea that I sit next to this stranger.  I mean, yeah, the plump guy wasn't so bad.  Now, I'm no fashion guru.  That's Pearl.  She's the one who paws through newspaper ads for all the latest fashions, but something tells me that whatever this guy is wearing is a wee bit out of style.  I'm just saying.  I'm kinda certain red is not the new black, not that I can see color.  Nevertheless, something seemed to come over me when I saw him, all jolly and such as he was, and he "Ho, ho"ed a lot.

Then outta the blue, I grew some antlers and bells.  And, what the hell happened to my ears?  They don't look like that normally.

Well, Pearl said this guy is called "Santa."  I'm not sure what kind of name that is, but it doesn't seem to matter much.  He was nice, and he gave me treats and stuff.  Asked me if I've been a good boy or not, which was kind of rude given that we'd just met.  Of course I have, I said.  What kind of question is that?  OK, so there was that one time when I had an accident in the house, but I didn't know the basement was "out of bounds?"  Come on, I was new.  And, sure, there was that time I started eating the door trim.  Cut me some slack!  I'm not perfect despite what Abe tells people.

Pearl is warning me to be nice.  Sorry.  Something about all the stress of "Christmas" shopping has got my antlers in a bunch.  I don't know what this "Christmas" is, but if me shopping for presents makes Elle happy, I guess I can cope like everyone else.
Shopping gives me a headache.

It seems I've got a nose for bargain buys.
It turns out these gifts aren't for me.  Disappointment.  But, I heard Elle talking to Abe about how these gifts benefit my peeps at the Champaign County Humane Society.  Now I feel bad, like I was being selfish and everything.  I figure I might as well give back, right?  Not everyone is fortunate like me, getting a home and stuff.  The photo with me and the big red guy benefits Crisis Nursery and Catsnap.  I mean, who doesn't like kids, their mothers and cats?  It is this Christmas thing, after all.  It was organized by Pet Supplies "Plus" and Fetch Pet Care.

So, the house is changing too.  Suddenly there's a tree in the living room that no one noticed.  It kinda freaked me out.  You'd think someone would have seen that sprouting up through the carpet.  There are presents and stockings a little too close to the fireplace, too.  It seems kinda dangerous to me, hanging stocking by the fire.  A bit of a fire hazard?  But apparently it's "normal," Pearl says.  Abe mentioned something about Santa coming down the chimney, too.  How's that gonna work?  I mean, did you look at this guy?  Does he look able to fit down a chimney?  I didn't think so.

Oh yeah, white stuff fell from the sky last night.  Random.

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