Wednesday, December 7, 2011

RIP, "Dad."

Well, I'm bummed.  Word on the dognet.listserv came down that my brother, er dad, Semper, had a tough time of it a couple of nights ago, and he's "passed."  Some of you may remember Semper, er dad, from this post in September.  Now, I'm a bit confused, really, because Pearl said something about him "seeing the Pearly gates," the other day, and I thought she was talking about the backyard like she was being possessive or something.  You know, like, "take your filthy paws off the Pearly gate."  Well, then she got to talking about Carmen.

Apparently, another dog used to live in my house... our house, Pearl says.   Sure, I've heard rumblings every now and then from Abe and Elle.  Like, they'd say, "I miss Carmen."  Frankly, I thought they were talking about the opera.  Now, everybody has heard of that!  What dog hasn't?  Every time it comes on we start howling...

See, this is what happens when we hear this song...
In any case, I've been told there was a dog named Carmen who used to troll the backyard for goodies, even in her blind state.  Really, the stories I've heard Pearl relate are kinda hard to believe.  A dog found on the side of the road with puppies and heartworm.  She'd been shot in the leg, so she limped.  Then she went blind.  I mean, come on.  It's preposterous, right?  What dog could possibly have all that happen to them in 13 or so short years?  Anyway, I'm not entirely convinced Carmen lived here.

Wait a minute.  Pearl has rifled through Abe's computer while they were out, and she's pulled up this photo.  "See," she says.
Someone named Carmen
Well, I mean, yes, it appears this photo was taken from what looks like the living room.  And, I admit that I've seen that mean looking vacuum cleaner in the background one too many times.  I hate that damn thing.  But, if anything, this Carmen seems to be howling, too.  See... it's in the name.

I seem to have digressed.  Anyway, Pearl says that this Carmen passed away too, and it got me to thinking about my dad, and how even though I met him only once, I already miss him.  It was good knowing you Semper, er Dad.
Dad and me

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