Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Well... I got a boo-boo.  It happens.

I gotta boo-boo. ;(
Sometimes you just feel like licking and licking that, you know, the doc says, "Hey, how `bout we put a bandage on ya?"  Well... Elle and the doctor chatted it up.  I wasn't paying too close attention.  I mean, the doctor was throwing words around like epidermis, nonvascular, and vessels.  Yeah, like I said, I wasn't paying her mind.  I was more interested in whether or not she was going to give me a cookie if I looked at her long enough.  Granted, I earned the extra benefit of looking like I was engaged in the conversation.  I do have that stare thing down pat.

Anyway... Pearl's been down lately.  I think it's the change in season.  See how glum she looks?
"I'm wagging my tail," she said.
The change in weather is having an effect.  I can't play fetch in the backyard if it's all muddy.  Sigh.  At least with winter coming, the ground will freeze, right?  You can't have mud if the ground is frozen!

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