Saturday, September 24, 2011

F-u Dog Park.

"How many classes does one dog really need?"
Me learning.
That's what I heard Abe mutter under his breath the other day when I was in class with Elle.  Yes, Abe, I heard you!  He was sitting on the side of the ring practically falling asleep.  Granted, it was late.  Who has a class at 8 PM on a weekday?  I know!  He and I should have been playing in the backyard or watching TV together in the living room or something.  You think I'm not sympathetic?  Who's the one "learning" here?

Nevertheless, Elle has enrolled me in yet another class.  It's my thrid.  This is Prebasicsubnoviceagilitytraining or some such nonsense.  All I know is that we never get to actually say "hi" to my new friends in class.  We stand like six feet from each other.  How are we gonna nose-up on each other from so far away?  If there's an upside, it's the cookies I get for looking at Elle all the time.  She's stingy with the treats otherwise.  So, I guess I've got to stare at her to make her happy.  Who's got the ego here?  Meanwhile, Abe's asleep in the corner.  Sigh.  What I must do to keep this family together.  Geez.

Well, another bonus for the week was going to Allerton Park.
F-U Dog.
Wait a second, Pearl just informed me that there is no hyphen in Fu Dog.  My bad.  I thought this was in reference to last weeks run in at the dog park.  Well, Elle took me to this park where blue dogs sit on pedestals all day.  I looked around for some Democrats like it was some kind of political convention, but all I could find were soapboxes.

Anyway, these Fu Dogs don't look anything like a dog I've seen, but maybe that's just me.  They look more lionish than anything, but whatever.  People are weird.  Anyway, we hung out and hiked.  Here's me and a tree.
Me and a tree.
Well... seems like we have football again tomorrow.  All I know is that Bears are playing.  I can't imagine bears playing fetch being better than me, but Abe and Elle seem to like watching them.  I can only hope we'll get to play football, too.  Right?

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