Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Traffic calming.

OK, OK. I'll explain. I've gotten a lot of email this week regarding this photo:
I know... pretty scary, huh?  Well, I've got a problem.  I know it's easy for some to admit that they have addictions.  You know, you go to a BA meeting (bones anonymous if you don't know), and you sit in a circle and talk about how you just can't get enough rawhide.  It's like crack, not that I know what that is.  It's something Abe's talked about.

Anyway... my addiction, car rides.  They are nothing if not ridiculously exciting. First it starts off with minor whining sounds, then I make really wicked moaning sounds.  Then, when the excitement overcomes me like some sort of worshiper at a Revival, it's like Whoo hoo! Man, I can feel the excitement right now.  Can't you?  Cars whizzing by and ZAP, my head spins around following that car coming at us, and WOW goes everything and all I can do is YOAWOAHOO!


Deep breath.  Inhale... exhale...

Apparently, my noises are unbecoming.  Or so I've been told.  Thus, Abe and Elle make me where a calming cap.

Still, it's not like I'm not going to figure out that I'm in a car and going somewhere fun, I'll just try to be a little more reserved in expressing my excitement.  We'll see.  It only sorta contains my noises.  Once they figure out that it's not going to work, they'll figure out some other calming technique.

I guess there's always Yoga.

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