Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend over.

Well, the fun couldn't last could it?  I mean, it was a busy day.  First there was the concert at the park, then there was Bark for Life.  What more could happen, right?

Last night we went to Yappy Hour, a happy hour for dogs and their parents put on by the University's Vet Med program.  It was a fundraiser for a program that helps pet owners with limited resources pay for veterinary services for their pets.  It was a great cause.
Like my glamor shot?  Totally staged.  Now, if only it had been airbrushed it would have made me look a little softer.  As it is, I look a little freaked out at seeing a picture of me on the big screen.  They had a slideshow going on, and Abe apparently sent in one of me.  Embarrassing.  I tell you, the least he could do is tell me when he's doing things like that.
Anyway, I met Sadie (not pictured).  She's kind of an invisible Chihuahua, but she's there, trust me.  She's in between me and my dog park pals Domino and Riley.  We had a good time!

Today?  Dog park, dog park, and obedience class.  Yes, two trips to the dog park.  Clearly, once isn't enough.  It's damn, er, dang hot though.  When is this heat going to break?

PS.  Who the hell thought this thing was a good idea for the car?

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