Saturday, July 30, 2011

And it's only Saturday.

Well... it's hard to believe it's only Saturday, but talk about a busy weekend!
Last night, Elle and Abe took me to my first outdoor concert.  The Research Park on campus puts on concerts each month during the summer.  I lucked out and got to tag along.  What fun!
Who says dogs can't dance?

Then, this morning me and a bunch of my doggs, that's slag for gangstas, hit the pavement for a good cause.  Bark for Life was an event where us dogs took our owners for walks around the park.  Can't beat outdoor fun.  There were 13 dogs, and I saw more "accidents" than I can count (even with my dew claws).
BARK TO OWNERS: Take your dogs out before the walk.  Then you don't have to pick up our unpleasantness while in public.  Words to live by.

Anyway... it's only Saturday.  What will happen the rest of the weekend?

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  1. Maybe will I see you tomorrow, Mr. Jackaroo? A crazy Angel might send some cookies for you.