Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend over.

Well, the fun couldn't last could it?  I mean, it was a busy day.  First there was the concert at the park, then there was Bark for Life.  What more could happen, right?

Last night we went to Yappy Hour, a happy hour for dogs and their parents put on by the University's Vet Med program.  It was a fundraiser for a program that helps pet owners with limited resources pay for veterinary services for their pets.  It was a great cause.
Like my glamor shot?  Totally staged.  Now, if only it had been airbrushed it would have made me look a little softer.  As it is, I look a little freaked out at seeing a picture of me on the big screen.  They had a slideshow going on, and Abe apparently sent in one of me.  Embarrassing.  I tell you, the least he could do is tell me when he's doing things like that.
Anyway, I met Sadie (not pictured).  She's kind of an invisible Chihuahua, but she's there, trust me.  She's in between me and my dog park pals Domino and Riley.  We had a good time!

Today?  Dog park, dog park, and obedience class.  Yes, two trips to the dog park.  Clearly, once isn't enough.  It's damn, er, dang hot though.  When is this heat going to break?

PS.  Who the hell thought this thing was a good idea for the car?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

And it's only Saturday.

Well... it's hard to believe it's only Saturday, but talk about a busy weekend!
Last night, Elle and Abe took me to my first outdoor concert.  The Research Park on campus puts on concerts each month during the summer.  I lucked out and got to tag along.  What fun!
Who says dogs can't dance?

Then, this morning me and a bunch of my doggs, that's slag for gangstas, hit the pavement for a good cause.  Bark for Life was an event where us dogs took our owners for walks around the park.  Can't beat outdoor fun.  There were 13 dogs, and I saw more "accidents" than I can count (even with my dew claws).
BARK TO OWNERS: Take your dogs out before the walk.  Then you don't have to pick up our unpleasantness while in public.  Words to live by.

Anyway... it's only Saturday.  What will happen the rest of the weekend?

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Wow.  It's been a while since I wrote, but things have been busy.  I had  no idea being a dog was so taxing.  I mean, seriously?  Obedience training?  Long walks?  Runs?  Errands?  Geez.

My favorite grocery store.
First off, it was grocery shopping for food.  Abe and Elle insisted on taking the camera to document the trip.  As you can see, I'm not interested in their photojournalism.
Where's the right toy?
After finding the right food, it's time to toy shop.  So many options!  What to choose?  What to choose?
Oh, they're behind me.
Hey, has anyone seen the Kongs?
Writing to my Jackaroo Fan Club members.
After shopping, it was off to the post office.  Yes, I've got pen pals.  Got a problem with that?
Then it was time to chill at the coffee shop.  Dude, they've got iced caramel lattes!
Why is that guy running over my head?
Last stop?  The cleaners.  Abe and Elle apparently pay people to wash their clothes.  What is up with that?  Don't they have tongues like Pearl and I do?  So much easier!

Anyway, Elle's been training me still.  I already know everything, it's her who's being trained.  Apparently Abe "doesn't do training."  Of course, that means I walk him and not the other way around.  He doesn't know any difference though!  Hehe.

They've also been running me more frequently.  I tell you, I sure chill out when I've run.  Abe and I went on a 6-miler this morning, even though it was hot.  Fear not though, I had plenty of energy to run him into the ground!  He's such an amateur, Abe is.