Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Graduate.

Me and my diploma.
I've graduated.  Yep.  From my first dog obedience class.  Of course, I've run circles, jumped around, over and nearly through the competition.  It's not a competition, really, but as I've said on more than one occasion, when you've got it, you've got it.  I heard Abe talking with another "owner" in class where that "owner" of a lesser dog said that I'm really intelligent.  Of course, I spoke with her "ownee" and of course he said, "I'm with stupid."  Because isn't all dog obedience really "owner" training?  Do you think Abe and Elle are getting me to do anything I don't already want to do?

"Jackaroo, crate."  Yes, I go into the crate, but hasn't it dawn on these feeble-minded owners that going into the crate was exactly what I wanted to do?  It is my bed, after all.

 For the record, I did knock the hurdle over this time, but I'm not infallible.

Here's to a lazy Sunday!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Agility training.

OK.  I knew I was skilled, but come on!
There ought to be a law.  You know?  It's like, I'm an awesome runner.  I run circles around the dogs at obedience classes.  In fact, they wonder why I'm there at all.  Add, that I sit, stay, down, bang (roll on my side) and everything.  People start to feel bad.  So, can you blame Pearl?  I mean, she looks at me jealously sometimes because she doesn't understand that when you got it, you got it.  Case in point.  Agility training.

Here's Pearl watching me working on my agility. 
Maybe she's sad, knowing she doesn't have the skills I clearly have.  I sorta feel empathy for her.
 Yes, this is me carrying my ball through the tunnel.  COME ON!  Not only did I:
  1. Fetch my ball
  2. Bring it back
  3. And make a bee-line through the tunnel to bring it Abe and Elle
Like I said, I'm awesome!

To reiterate, here's another photo of me in flight.
Can we say clearance?

OK.  Now, I know... I said I feel bad for Pearl.  She's old.  She doesn't learn new tricks.  What can I say?  She's still my best bud.  I ♥ Pearl... still.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Obedience training.

Well, Elle has been taking me to obedience training.  I'm not sure why because obviously, I'm the best trained dog there.  I spin circles around these amateurs.  Seriously.  Sit, stay, down.  Hell, I've even got the dog biscuit on the nose job down pat.  Well... apparently there's this canine good citizen test thing that Elle and Abe want me to excel at.  So, I've got to sit, stay, and down my way through basic training before we can get to the big time stuff, like the agility training.
The downside of all this walking around in a corrugated structure, homework.  So, we've got to practice.

Who likes homework?  Honestly.