Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why stay outdoors?

So, Abe and Elle have mentioned "camping."  It sounds too much like campaigning, which, as a dog, I can't vote unfortunately.  But then they pitched a tent in the backyard, and they said something about going to the forest.  I'm pretty sure, from all my Sunday morning television I watch, that campaigning in a forest is usually frowned upon.  Thus.  We have a tent in the back yard.

They even said "crate."  Apparently they thought I was dumb enough to think the tent was actually my crate so that I'd go in it of my own accord.  Boy, were they wrong.  What do they take me for anyway?
As you can see, I made inside eventually.  I heard Abe and Elle talking to Shin about about having Pearl and Bailey meet.  I hope they get along so that we can camp together.  I ♥ Pearl and Bailey.  I'm torn.

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  1. Better be sure there's plenty of room in that tent for toys, too...