Saturday, May 7, 2011

Strut your stuff.

I'm a freaking celebrity, I tell you.  Everyone knew my name.  It was like I'd just popped out of a limo at a red carpet premiere, New York style.

Elle, Abe and I went to the Champaign County Humane Society's Mutt Strut today, and talk about a fun time.  It seems some people were mistaking me for some guy named Evan.  Though they looked really familiar to me, I couldn't place `em.  Unless that's some French way of saying hello, I don't know who they were talking about.

Anyway... we pawed around the park doing tasks like sit, down, and paw.  I'm deficient in the speak and roll over department.  Sorry.  I'm 3 for 5.  Sue me.  I'm still learning. 

We did some weaving.  Elle called it agility training.  I called it dizzying.  Weaving in and out of poles.  Wow.  Vomit here, please.

I made a new friend in Bailey.  Apparently she's got parents too, which I thought weird because I thought only I had parents.  Anyway, Shin and Eve were nice too.  They hung out with us for most of the time.  It was weird cuz it seemed that Elle and Abe knew Shin and Eve.  I thought they only knew me and Pearl.  Random.

Here's me and Bailey when we first met.  I (heart) Bailey.
We also did some paw painting.  Pretty Picasso-like, don't you think?  I prefer calling it Dali-esque.  Whichever.
Lastly, I came in third place in the longest tail contest!  Yep, it's true.  I'm a real champ.
I want to thank all those who contributed to the Mutt Strut fundraiser.  Sadie, Bear, Milo and the very mysterious Anonymous, all helped make Mutt Strut a success.  You guys rock.  We're still just $25 shy of our goal.  Can you help out?

What's more?  This is just Saturday!  Woot!  A whole other day left in the weekend!


  1. Good job, Jackaroo!


  2. Hey, Jackaroo! I was at the Mutt Strut on Saturday, too. I get a little scared of other dogs, though, so I acted all pathetic the entire time. Mom & I saw you get your ribbon for the tail contest, though!

    I'm going to try to blog about the Mutt Strut tonight. Mom was "too busy" this weekend. (Her priorities are seriously messed up...)