Monday, May 9, 2011

Off to work.

Apparently, I have a "job."  I thought jobs were things Abe and Elle did, but apparently I've been hired out because Elle keeps talking about me "going to work."  She then throws this yellow backpacky sort of thing on me. 
I mean, I guess.  Whatever.  I thought the advantage of being a dog was that you didn't have to do this kind of stuff.  In fact, the beauty of being adopted was that I got to sleep on a blanket all day and dream about my new heartthrob-friend, Bailey.  Know what I'm saying?

Anyway... Seems like there's lots of news to report.  Literally.  I've made it into the local media.  I read it while I brought in the newspaper this morning.  Of course, Elle was making breakfast for she and Abe, and Abe was making Pearl and my kibble.  Not sure how he does it, really.  He goes into the garage empty handed and shows up with three course meals.  Crazy.  Tangent.  Sorry. 

So, the newspaper had a story about this weekend's Mutt Strut.  Here's the story.  And by the photo, looks like I'm leader of the pack.  Woot!  No one needs to know that I was really way back in the middle, taking my time.  Right?  You can see Bailey to my right.  Sexy older gal.  I ♥ Bailey.  Pearl, eat your ♥ out.

Can't wait until next year's event!  Now, if I could only figure out how to get out of this work crap.

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