Friday, May 13, 2011


Me and Bailey (I ♥ Bailey) went with Abe and Shin to this place called Kickapoo State Park.  I don't read state park signs, but that's what Abe read as we exited the expressway.  We went hiking, and Abe put that stupid backpack on me again.  Said I was going to work despite having fun.  Made me carry water and everything.  Now, granted, I gave Bailey (♥) some H2O, which she kindly repaid the favor by sniffing me.  I'm so there, dude.
We walked a total of 2.5+ miles through forests and around lakes.  I tell you.  Good times!  And driving on the expressway, a first mind you, was a breeze.  And what more could I ask for in sitting next to my new girl on the ride home.
Pearl, eat your ♥ out!

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  1. That's cool! My former foster sister goes hiking every single weekend and she wears a backpack, too. She carries water in hers, but she also carries any litter that they find. Shawnee's helping clean up the hiking trails!

    Here's her blog: