Sunday, May 29, 2011

Camp happens.

Well, it happened for real this time.  Camping.  Elle and Abe drove me and Pearl out to Kickapoo where we hung with Eve, Shin and Bailey.  Granted, it was for only one night because huge storms came through and Abe and Elle didn't want to press their luck, or so they said.

Big news is, Bailey and Pearl don't get along.  There's tension there.  Now, I'm not gonna say I'm at fault, but I find it difficult to believe I'm not a cause.  I mean, I've been secretly in love with Bailey and all.  I ♥ Bailey, right?  But I love Pearl too.  Conflicted.

Anyway, we hung out, slept in a tent (which Abe, Elle, Shin, and Elle seemed to say was outdoors, but it sure looked like we were sleeping inside a tent.  Humans.  Hysterical.), and went hiking on Saturday morning.  Now, if we only could have gotten more sleep.  Dang humans keeping everyone up all night with their chatter.  Oh well.

Worst part of the trip was coming home and the bath that followed.  Not sure what I feel about that.  Skeptical, comes to mind.  Is camping in our future again?  We'll see.  If only I could convince Abe and Elle to drop the bath thing.

So tired.

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