Sunday, April 3, 2011

The weigh in.

Darn it anyway.  Isn't it enough that you make me willingly go into a crate of my own volition that you've got to look at what I weigh.  I mean, is there no privacy in this household?  Honestly.
Well, Abe and Elle weighed in on the subject today, picking me up and putting me on the scale.  Apparently, I'm at 39.6 pounds.  They were hoping I'd fatten up some since last week, but such was not the case.  I dropped .4 pounds.  Of course, I tried reasoning with them that it could have been the rather sizable you-know-what that was waiting to be deposited in the backyard last week when they weighed me, but they didn't seem to understand.  I tell you, talking with humans is difficult.  Impossible, really.  I wagged my tail when it was over.

Anyway, I heard them whispering about feeding me more.  Hehe... their loss, my gain.  Woot!

P.S.  I'm exhausted.  Walks, fetch, fun.  A busy weekend.  When will Elle and Abe go back to work?  Sigh.

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