Friday, April 1, 2011


The plot thickens!  OK.  Elle and Abe's "obsession" with what I am has reached a new level.  New, because I've been bitten by the bug now.  While they're at work, I've convinced Pearl to jailbreak me and hit the computer together to follow new leads.  It's tough, Pearl and I don't have fingers, and really, due to her dew claws being removed and mine not, she only has 18 digits to my 20.  We're two short.  Argh, those damn vets.

In any case, a new theory is I'm a Koolie.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it.
The resemblance is nothing short of remarkable.
Does that photo look eerily similar to this one?
OK.  I admit, this is not my best photo.  I can't help it if I'd never played ball outside before.  Cut me some slack.  Yet, the similarity is uncanny.

So if I am a Koolie, how the *bleep* did I get here?  And how did Elle and Abe know to name me Jackaroo?

Quick!  Pearl!  Get me back in the crate!  They're home!

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