Saturday, April 2, 2011

Egg hunt.

I don't have a clue why people threw a bunch of colored eggs (remember, I'm a dog and can't see colors) on the ground for me and 30 of my newest friends to sniff out, but we thank you.  Let me take a step back.

I drove Abe and Elle to the Urbana dog park for an "egg hunt." 
The "eggs" were plastic, but despite being fake eggs, they were filled with goodies.  We lined up, and at a whistle, we dove in to seek out the spoils of war. 
The rules were if you touched the egg, it was yours.  Of course, plenty of cookies were had by all.  Here's me with my rather sizeable, and slightly embarrassing, take.
After the egg hunt, if was off to play.
I caught him.  In the end, I had to back the car out and get Abe and Elle home.  I'm kind of surprised they let me drive, but whatever.

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