Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, that's what happens when you go away, isn't it?  Eating new foods.  "Don't drink the water," they say.  Oh well.  I got the $#%!s.  It was bound to happen sometime.  I thought perhaps I'd wait a few more weeks.  Let Abe and Elle like me more before I showed them what it's really like to be dog owners.

Well, Abe and Elle went away for the weekend.  I thought Pearl and I were having a romantic getaway.  Turns out they were just leaving us.  Owners.  Meh.  Well, it turns out that Pearl and I did have a good time, but you know.  Travel.  Packing.  New and different foods.  New people to get to know.  Barking all the time.  It's kind of a crappy experience, pun intended.

Anyway... Abe's making me rice.  Oh joy.  BLAND.  Ugh.  He's going to throw in some turkey, I heard him talking to himself.  I'd prefer chicken, but he mentioned something about paying out the wazoo for chicken nowadays, and the turkey is already done.  Shrug.  Who knows.

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