Monday, April 25, 2011

Time flies.

Hard to believe how quickly time flies.  I've been in the family now for five weeks now, and I'm finding fewer new things to do.  I'm not complaining.  Abe and Elle do their best.  It's just, I've become routine.  I mean, you can only report on the mundane marathon tug-o-war matches between me and Pearl only so often.  Right?

Well... This weekend did have a first.  A couple of them, actually.  First, there was frisbee at the dog park.  WOW!  That was 30 minutes of hard running.  That thing really flies when Abe throws it.  Of course, I heard him complaining to Elle about how his arm hurts.  Not my problem.

Then, after the dog park was a trip to a fundraiser for the Champaign County Humane Society where I got a bath, nails trimmed and glands expressed.
Gotta tell you... not a fan of the gland expression.  Whew!  Necessary, I understand, but not a fan!

Anyway... life goes on!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


What a weekend.  I tell you.  First it's a trip to the Lake of the Woods in Mahomet.  Walking two miles in nature sure tuckers you out.
Then there's playing fetch.
Then there's playing frisbee.

Even Pearl got in the action.
 Sleepy time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


OK.  Everyone seems to like how I look.  Can you blame them?  When you got it, you got it.  But, when Elle and Abe were at work today, I was on FB.  That's Facebook for all you unaware-types.  And, yo, my dogg Skippy sent this too me.  Talk about cute.  Ah.  I remember those days of youthful exploration.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Elle's back.

Elle's been traveling apparently.  That explains why Abe's been weeping all the time.  What's his deal?  I mean, I don't sit there and whine when I'm left all alone.  OK.  That's not true.  I admit that I barked when Abe left today.  He came right back and made lots of noise himself then left again.  I'm so over it and him.

I'm so happy Elle's back!  It means discipline and rules and learning things.  Abe's so boring.  He needs some serious training.  Elle returns!  Woot!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Well, that's what happens when you go away, isn't it?  Eating new foods.  "Don't drink the water," they say.  Oh well.  I got the $#%!s.  It was bound to happen sometime.  I thought perhaps I'd wait a few more weeks.  Let Abe and Elle like me more before I showed them what it's really like to be dog owners.

Well, Abe and Elle went away for the weekend.  I thought Pearl and I were having a romantic getaway.  Turns out they were just leaving us.  Owners.  Meh.  Well, it turns out that Pearl and I did have a good time, but you know.  Travel.  Packing.  New and different foods.  New people to get to know.  Barking all the time.  It's kind of a crappy experience, pun intended.

Anyway... Abe's making me rice.  Oh joy.  BLAND.  Ugh.  He's going to throw in some turkey, I heard him talking to himself.  I'd prefer chicken, but he mentioned something about paying out the wazoo for chicken nowadays, and the turkey is already done.  Shrug.  Who knows.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Error K-9

Thank you for visiting this blog. Your K-9 error has been registered by the site administrator, and it will be addressed as soon as he has been released from the "spa".

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jail break.

Pearl and I took matters into our own hands.  Kind of like Romeo and Juliet, I suppose.  Well, I guess that would be Juliet and Romeo to be consistent.  Whatever.

Anyway, Pearl and I made a break for it.  She's driving.  She's more mature, so I figure she's got a steady hand.  We're headed for the Sybaris for a romantic getaway.  I think Pearl's finally liking me in that kinda way.
Wait a second.  I thought we were heading for romance, but this is looking suspiciously like the vet's office.
Now, come on.  Did I just hear boarding?  For the weekend?  Well, at least we'll get a bath out of it.  Do you think they've got a jacuzzi tub?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Squeaky toys.

I've found a delightful way of annoying the hell out of Pearl.  Play with the squeaky toy.  Wondrous!  And, not just one, but two!  It doesn't get any better.
She loves Abe and Elle for bringing me into her life.  I know it.  I'll win her over yet.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome SP reader.

Geez, Pearl, stop with the ball already.  Can't you see that they're almost...

Oh, hello there, reader.  Welcome to  Pearl and I didn't know you'd be stopping by up until a short while ago.  The place is a mess, stuffing from beds strewn about, toys in miscellaneous corners, a shoe chewed up over there.  It's tough trying to find replacements for the latter, I'll tell you that.

In any case.  Have a look around, and I'm glad you came.

Monday, April 4, 2011

World Stray Animals Day.

I'm feeling rather unsettled today.  First, today, April 4th, is World Stray Animals Day. I've been there, and it's not a fun state of being.  Running around.  Not having friends.  No one is there to take care of you.  I was hungry a lot, and I know I kept running and running.  Maybe it was thunder or the snow, or maybe it was a car I chased, but I got lost, and I couldn't find my way home.  I'm glad I have a home now.  Help others who don't.  Contribute to World Stray Animals Day by supporting your local shelter.

Also, I don't care for cars much.  I've been going on runs with Abe and Elle, but when we see a car on our run, something in me just has to go after them.  I don't like it, and I wish I knew what to do.  Abe and Elle have whispered that they're going to "work with me" on it.  I'll keep you posted.

On a happier note, Abe, Elle, and I played this fantastic game.  "Hide and Seek" is totally awesome.  They hide, call my name, then I run and find them.  Totally cool.

OK.  It's getting late.  The cloud cover has me wishing for spring already. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The weigh in.

Darn it anyway.  Isn't it enough that you make me willingly go into a crate of my own volition that you've got to look at what I weigh.  I mean, is there no privacy in this household?  Honestly.
Well, Abe and Elle weighed in on the subject today, picking me up and putting me on the scale.  Apparently, I'm at 39.6 pounds.  They were hoping I'd fatten up some since last week, but such was not the case.  I dropped .4 pounds.  Of course, I tried reasoning with them that it could have been the rather sizable you-know-what that was waiting to be deposited in the backyard last week when they weighed me, but they didn't seem to understand.  I tell you, talking with humans is difficult.  Impossible, really.  I wagged my tail when it was over.

Anyway, I heard them whispering about feeding me more.  Hehe... their loss, my gain.  Woot!

P.S.  I'm exhausted.  Walks, fetch, fun.  A busy weekend.  When will Elle and Abe go back to work?  Sigh.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Egg hunt.

I don't have a clue why people threw a bunch of colored eggs (remember, I'm a dog and can't see colors) on the ground for me and 30 of my newest friends to sniff out, but we thank you.  Let me take a step back.

I drove Abe and Elle to the Urbana dog park for an "egg hunt." 
The "eggs" were plastic, but despite being fake eggs, they were filled with goodies.  We lined up, and at a whistle, we dove in to seek out the spoils of war. 
The rules were if you touched the egg, it was yours.  Of course, plenty of cookies were had by all.  Here's me with my rather sizeable, and slightly embarrassing, take.
After the egg hunt, if was off to play.
I caught him.  In the end, I had to back the car out and get Abe and Elle home.  I'm kind of surprised they let me drive, but whatever.

Friday, April 1, 2011


The plot thickens!  OK.  Elle and Abe's "obsession" with what I am has reached a new level.  New, because I've been bitten by the bug now.  While they're at work, I've convinced Pearl to jailbreak me and hit the computer together to follow new leads.  It's tough, Pearl and I don't have fingers, and really, due to her dew claws being removed and mine not, she only has 18 digits to my 20.  We're two short.  Argh, those damn vets.

In any case, a new theory is I'm a Koolie.  Here's what Wikipedia has to say about it.
The resemblance is nothing short of remarkable.
Does that photo look eerily similar to this one?
OK.  I admit, this is not my best photo.  I can't help it if I'd never played ball outside before.  Cut me some slack.  Yet, the similarity is uncanny.

So if I am a Koolie, how the *bleep* did I get here?  And how did Elle and Abe know to name me Jackaroo?

Quick!  Pearl!  Get me back in the crate!  They're home!