Friday, March 18, 2011

Who's afraid of the big bad stairs?

Ha, ha.  Yes, you've had your fun at the expense of the new guy.  Laugh it up.  They're stairs.  Anyone would fear them the first time.  They're long.  They go into the "basement."  How many horror films are there where the basement is filled with really bad things?  I don't know; I don't watch movies.

Sure, this one has a pool table and fuzzy dog toys to play with.  But really, you can't expect a guy to go crazy for stairs.  I mean, I have to step down, and a lot of times.  I just wasn't ready for that yet.

But, as you can see, I'm skilled at it now.  Really.  There was no fear at all.  I was just worried you got down the stairs OK before I joined you.

Pearl and I seem to be getting along OK, too.  She and I got this thing going; I'm not sure where it will go.

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