Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The vet.

Abe and Elle took me to the vet today.  I'm not sure why they continue to think I'll like them.  I'm skeptical of them, but it's nice having them around.  I mean, they feed me twice a day, give me treats, pick up my you know what.  I'm not sure what they're getting out of the deal.  I'm feeling pampered.

In any case, the vet visit went swimmingly.  OK, I have to admit that no one mentioned they'd be taking my temperature in my you-know-where, but it didn't take long.  You should have seen my face.  Anyway, the vet was nice, and the staff was all excited when I got there.  I felt like I was going to the spa.

The vet says I have to put on some weight.  Guess who scored the extra dog treats and food?  Woot!

Yesterday morning, though, we had some storms.  Elle and Abe were scared, but I talked them through it.  Wimps.

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