Thursday, March 31, 2011

Education 2.0.

Elle's got it in for me, I'm sure of it.  She's convinced these "educational" toys are going to make me happier.  Frustrated, more like it.  You know you've got food sitting in front of you, and all you can do is lick the damn thing to death.  Can't get a grasp on it to eat it.  Argh!
Well, I'll admit, it can be fun trying to eat something that someone has put in this contraption.
And, I will give you that it doesn't look all that appealing in this next shot...
But, don't let the looks of it (kinda poop like, honestly) fool you.  It's all natural, 100% dog treat.  It smells and tastes soooooo good.  I just can't help going after it.  As you can see in the video, Pearl's got a hankering for it, too.

Well, despite all these efforts Elle is putting in to "educate" me, I'll let her.  What does she get out of it?  What I get... Yum.

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