Friday, March 25, 2011

Crate trained?

Well, that was unexpected.  Freaked myself out, actually.  I admit, I walked into my crate without reservation this morning at the command (ouch that's a harsh word), lightly suggested word, "crate."  And, apparently, I didn't realize that Abe hadn't put food in there first.  Call me crazy, but I messed up, people.  Gone is that independent thinking I prided myself as having.  Nope.  "Crate," and I dutifully walked in.  Of course, Abe praised me for going in, and I got four treats outta the deal, so it's not like he didn't give something up.  There was a take away there, and boy did I take.  Delicious treats.  It was almost worth making Abe happy.

OK... now you're wondering, what's the real story behind me getting in the crate.  Sure, its all fine and good to just waltz in there, looking pretty.  Well, I admit, yesterday, I was bad.  Not to say that going in the crate is punishment, because it's not.  And Abe and Elle don't use the crate that way.  Well, maybe it's punishment for them because they're not the ones in these cool digs.  Yet, yesterday, I ripped apart my bed some.  Can you blame me?  The bed has stuffing in it.  STUFFING!  How fun is that to rip something open and pull its guts out.  Sure, I was daydreaming of rabbits or squirrels, and I kinda got carried away.  Hey, it happens.  Cut me some slack.
Abe's kind of in uncharted territory here because on the one hand, he's happy I went in the crate, but he seems mad that I ruined, er caught a rabbit and emptied its innards for him.

Nevertheless, I did go in the crate today, willingly.  Whether I did it because I felt bad about yesterday, that's up to you to decide.  I'm not showing you all my cards, that's for sure.

P.S.  Hehe... did it again this afternoon, and Abe isn't sure what to do.  Ah, it's fun messing with him.  Should he yell?  Or, should he ignore it and hope it goes away.  Parenthood!

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