Thursday, March 31, 2011

Education 2.0.

Elle's got it in for me, I'm sure of it.  She's convinced these "educational" toys are going to make me happier.  Frustrated, more like it.  You know you've got food sitting in front of you, and all you can do is lick the damn thing to death.  Can't get a grasp on it to eat it.  Argh!
Well, I'll admit, it can be fun trying to eat something that someone has put in this contraption.
And, I will give you that it doesn't look all that appealing in this next shot...
But, don't let the looks of it (kinda poop like, honestly) fool you.  It's all natural, 100% dog treat.  It smells and tastes soooooo good.  I just can't help going after it.  As you can see in the video, Pearl's got a hankering for it, too.

Well, despite all these efforts Elle is putting in to "educate" me, I'll let her.  What does she get out of it?  What I get... Yum.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Two weeks.

Well, it's been two weeks since "the adoption."  It's hard to believe it's been so long.  And it's hard to believe I gave up that independence so quickly.  Ah, well.  Some liberties are worth giving up, I guess.  A home over a shelter is an easy choice.

Pearl and I have gotten along swimmingly.  She mostly tolerates my nose poking and prodding this and that.  I'm not sure why.  I guess Pearl needed a partner in crime.

The weather is beautiful today.  In the back yard, Pearl and I are soaking up some rays while Abe is feeling under the weather.
Your loss, our gain.  Sorry Abe.

Elle got me this cool new food dispenser thingy.  I've heard her call it "educational."  I call it "torture."  Nevertheless, this crazy contraption does make dinner more exciting.
If I could read, which I can't, it would say something like "Dog Games Puzzle Toys." 
Whatever it says, it means "fun with food."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meaty Bone.

Elle and Abe took me to the running club again this week.  I've got the car thing down pat, and I've figured out that running with the club will get you a Meaty Bone.  Thanks to DF for the treat.  What a way to end a run.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Bam.  It was bound to happen.  I mean, you can't have a dog an expect perfection, right?  As perfect as I think I am, accidents happen, and tonight, one did.

<Insert photo of waste here>

Well, the censor has blocked my photo, but it wasn't pretty.  Apparently, I was so enthusiastic about playing downstairs, chomping on a Nylabone, that a clear and present danger came upon me without warning, without notice.  Bam.

What can I say, I'm sorry.  There.  I apologize.  &*it happens.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

At the dog park.

I took Elle and Abe to the dog park today.  It was my first trip.  Can't blame them for having such a good time there.  Us dogs were running around and the people seemed to be enjoying talking to themselves.  I met a dog named Porkchop and another named Blue.  Socializing has its advantages.  Plus, the people were all impressed by my coat.  It's not like I can do anything about it, but it was nice to hear nonetheless.

I also heard them talking about what breed I am.  Geez, do us dogs ask you that question?  Honestly.  How rude.  But, what I did hear ranged from Australian Shepherd to sighthound to Catahoula Cur.  Who knows what I am.  And does it matter?  My name is Jackaroo, after all.  What's in a name?

I learned three important lessons today.  First, tug-of-war is fun.  Pearl and I got into it.
I also learned how to get into the car.  That's a bonus because when you get in, you go somewhere fun, like the dog park.

Lastly, I learned the "come" command.  Resistant at first, of course, I figured that I might as well give Abe and Elle the attention they deserve.  If it makes them happy.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


If I were human, perhaps I'd take up fencing.  Not the sport, the installation of them.  Because fences rock.  Fences = fetch.  Fetch outside.

Abe and Elle had Elle's brother close off the backyard, and it is like my own private dog park.  Big yard, room to run.  I'm so glad I figured out this fetch thing because this is what I've been missing in my life.  Even Pearl got in the act.  She was telling me that back in the day, she used to be a primo fetcher.
I've considered going out for the high jumping team also.
No one told me, though, that this fetch thing has its dangers too.  Grass stains.  Time to do laundry, I suppose.
I gotta tell you, this was a fun day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Crate trained?

Well, that was unexpected.  Freaked myself out, actually.  I admit, I walked into my crate without reservation this morning at the command (ouch that's a harsh word), lightly suggested word, "crate."  And, apparently, I didn't realize that Abe hadn't put food in there first.  Call me crazy, but I messed up, people.  Gone is that independent thinking I prided myself as having.  Nope.  "Crate," and I dutifully walked in.  Of course, Abe praised me for going in, and I got four treats outta the deal, so it's not like he didn't give something up.  There was a take away there, and boy did I take.  Delicious treats.  It was almost worth making Abe happy.

OK... now you're wondering, what's the real story behind me getting in the crate.  Sure, its all fine and good to just waltz in there, looking pretty.  Well, I admit, yesterday, I was bad.  Not to say that going in the crate is punishment, because it's not.  And Abe and Elle don't use the crate that way.  Well, maybe it's punishment for them because they're not the ones in these cool digs.  Yet, yesterday, I ripped apart my bed some.  Can you blame me?  The bed has stuffing in it.  STUFFING!  How fun is that to rip something open and pull its guts out.  Sure, I was daydreaming of rabbits or squirrels, and I kinda got carried away.  Hey, it happens.  Cut me some slack.
Abe's kind of in uncharted territory here because on the one hand, he's happy I went in the crate, but he seems mad that I ruined, er caught a rabbit and emptied its innards for him.

Nevertheless, I did go in the crate today, willingly.  Whether I did it because I felt bad about yesterday, that's up to you to decide.  I'm not showing you all my cards, that's for sure.

P.S.  Hehe... did it again this afternoon, and Abe isn't sure what to do.  Ah, it's fun messing with him.  Should he yell?  Or, should he ignore it and hope it goes away.  Parenthood!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fetch, where have you been?

Wow.  I mean, holy freaking WOW.  Fetch.  I mean, where have you been all my life.  It's fun.  It wears me out.  It's the best thing since rawhides.  I had no idea it would be so fun.

It started first by looking at the ball and considering it.  Here Pearl was coaching me.
Then there's that mid-flight thing going on.  When the ball is in the air, you just have to open your mouth.  Maybe that's just me.
Abe said I was fetching.  I feel I was returning it to him so he'd continue the process.  Fun?  Oh, you bet.
But it wasn't enough that I fetched, er, returned the ball.  I let Pearl in on it also.
So, I think I like this fetch thing.  OK.  I'll call it fetch if it makes Abe happy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Leash training.

Abe and Elle are trying to teach me to walk on a leash better.  I'm not bad at it.  At least, I don't think so.  I've heard them mention that I could do better.  So they say.  I think I'm fine with it.  Meh.  I do what I can.

Nevertheless, they've got it in their head that I need to walk better.  So, I'll work on it, if it makes them happy.  I'm nothing if not accommodating.  Anyway, they got me this new leash that's reflective.  See?  Fancy.  Like, I always knew I wanted one, right?
Pearl and I have been getting along pretty well.  She tends to get tired.  Not sure what it is.  I guess my over exuberance for life wears her down.  She's an older lady.  Dare I say cougar?  Wait, she's a canine.  Anyway, here she is playing with a toy.  I haven't quite figured out the toy thing yet.  I sort of played with a soccer ball some today.  But, I can't figure it out.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run with the pack.

Elle and Abe introduced me to the running club tonight.  Talk about a fun group.  There were even people there beyond the two new canine friends I made.  Maybe I'm starting to like these "owners" after all.  They don't seem too bad, taking me places, running, feeding me and stuff.
I haven't quite figured out why all the photos I post of Abe and Elle have their heads chopped off.  Random.

The vet.

Abe and Elle took me to the vet today.  I'm not sure why they continue to think I'll like them.  I'm skeptical of them, but it's nice having them around.  I mean, they feed me twice a day, give me treats, pick up my you know what.  I'm not sure what they're getting out of the deal.  I'm feeling pampered.

In any case, the vet visit went swimmingly.  OK, I have to admit that no one mentioned they'd be taking my temperature in my you-know-where, but it didn't take long.  You should have seen my face.  Anyway, the vet was nice, and the staff was all excited when I got there.  I felt like I was going to the spa.

The vet says I have to put on some weight.  Guess who scored the extra dog treats and food?  Woot!

Yesterday morning, though, we had some storms.  Elle and Abe were scared, but I talked them through it.  Wimps.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Resistance is futile.

Well, I've all but given up hope on rescue (Swat team-style) from the nice people that seem to have endeared themselves to me.  It's been four days, and despite the humane society calling this afternoon.  Yes, I answered the phone while Abe and Elle were out on a bike ride.  Sue me for being curious.  I got the news in the form of a notice that some puppies at the shelter got Parvo.  Nasty little buggers.  The virus that is.  Not the puppies.  What do you take me for?  Honestly. 

Anyway... the humane society called and gave me the "bad" news.  That I was actually adopted by these people.  Well, I can't blame them.  But, really, someone ought to have told me.  It would have made the transition a bit easier.  I wouldn't have spent the last four days wondering when the Swat team was gonna break down the door.

Yes, I know Elian Gonzales.  I looked him up after the Humane Society gave me the news.  The woman on the other line asked, "Who do you think you are, Elian Gonzales?"  I Googled him, and yes, I did think that's who I was.  In a way, I feel he and I are one in the same, yet... based on the photo, he looks more scared then I am.  And, who hides in a closet if you're "getting rescued?"  Come on!  We all know that we run out the front door with our paws up in the air.  If we're lucky, we'd get a belly rub and a treat.  I guess Elian got something else.

In any case, I guess I've settled in a bit.  I'll give Elle and Abe the benefit of the doubt.  They're trying.  They give me rawhides.  Wow.  They're like crack.  Not that I do crack or anything like that.  That would be bad, and I'm sure the nice, caring people at the humane society would frown upon that.  But, man... these things are like crack.  I love `em.

Lastly, Pearl is a little skeptical of me.  Maybe it's all that manly attention I'm giving her.  I keep trying to tell her I'll calm down in a few years, but she's not convinced.  Here she is looking at me.  See... skeptical.  Of course,  I was in the crate at the time.  Maybe it's pity.  I can't tell.
Hell, even I look skeptical, sometimes.  No, I didn't "have an accident" in the crate.  Those are treats.  Cut me some slack.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Keep away!

I've discovered this cool new game.  It's called Keep Away!  Pearl isn't that smart.  She goes for the Tug-o-War option.  How mundane.  I've found that when Pearl brings me the rope, I nip at her legs, making her drop the rope.  Then, I continue to try and get her to play by getting in between her and the rope.  Great fun!

Tug-o-War... for amateurs.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who is in training?

My "owners"... honestly, who owns who here?... are trying to get me into running.  Like, who doesn't run?  It's the in thing, I suppose.  When you're svelte like me, it's kind of natural.  I mean, it's not like I'm Pearl, shorter, stockier, ok, maybe even tougher.  But, I've got the long legs for it, such grace.

Elle, who is my female "owner."  Blech, I can't get used to that term.  I'm still waiting on the shelter workers to come looking for me, but no one seems to be knocking down the door Swat-team-style to pull me out.  Sigh.

Anyway... Elle took me out yesterday on a spin around the neighborhood.  She and my other owner, Abe, seem to be surprised that I actually learn things, like stopping at corners and sitting.  Honestly, it's not rocket science.  You do it once, you do it again.  It's routine; however, Elle and Abe seem to think it's this amazing feat.  Well, I guess I'll continue to let them entertain themselves when I do it.  They seem to get pretty excited, and there's nothing wrong with making people happy I guess.

This morning, Abe took me on a two mile run.  The poor guy was winded.  Man, what have I gotten myself into.  I can hope Swat will break the door down.  We'll see.

On another note, Pearl and I played with the molecule ball.  It's old hat for her, but it was pretty exciting for me.

P.S. I barked this afternoon.  Scared the BLEEP outta them.  Hehe.

Who's afraid of the big bad stairs?

Ha, ha.  Yes, you've had your fun at the expense of the new guy.  Laugh it up.  They're stairs.  Anyone would fear them the first time.  They're long.  They go into the "basement."  How many horror films are there where the basement is filled with really bad things?  I don't know; I don't watch movies.

Sure, this one has a pool table and fuzzy dog toys to play with.  But really, you can't expect a guy to go crazy for stairs.  I mean, I have to step down, and a lot of times.  I just wasn't ready for that yet.

But, as you can see, I'm skilled at it now.  Really.  There was no fear at all.  I was just worried you got down the stairs OK before I joined you.

Pearl and I seem to be getting along OK, too.  She and I got this thing going; I'm not sure where it will go.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet the Parents.

I've got some strange new parents or something.  They made me paws in front of a stupid sign while they took my photo.  I don't know who the hell they think they are, but it's kind of weird to take a photo of someone you hardly know.  Honestly.

So, they put me in the back of their car.  I'm not sure why they did that.  Are we going for a ride or something?  I just hope they bring me back because I've been told the shelter closes at 7 PM, and then the workers go home.  They'll be mad if I'm not back before then.

Well, the sun is setting, and we're walking around a neighborhood.  Why we're doing this, I don't know.  I'm kind of confused right now.  I mean, I know I can't tell time... I am a dog afterall... yet the sun is setting, and I'm pretty sure it's after 7 PM.

I saw this other dog named Pearl.  Weird.  We just met yesterday, and here I'm seeing her again on the other side of town.

It's dark out now, and the shelter workers are going to be really mad at you guys for not bringing me in.  The yard seems nice.

There's this crate the "parents" are trying to put me in.  I'm not buying it, no matter how many treats you put in it.  I'm not that dumb.

OK.  Maybe I'm not that smart, because somehow I ended up in the crate.  Strange how that is.  The house is settling down, getting quiet.  Pearl is still here, so perhaps it's not so bad.  Getting sleepy.